Angel Bed is set to help pain of stillbirth

CHANTEL and Josh White know all too well the pain associated with stillbirth.

In 2008 the Bendigo couple were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child.

But at 22 weeks and four days Ms White went into premature labour.

Two days later she gave birth to Lily Grace White.

Lily was stillborn.

"The staff at Bendigo Health were absolutely wonderful throughout that whole experience," Ms White said.

"So roughly about 12 months ago we came up with the idea to purchase a cold cot and it was our way of saying thanks to the staff and the hospital because they've just been so wonderful.

"We really think that had they not been how they were towards us it would have been a lot more difficult for us.

"It made it easier for us just knowing that the staff had done some amazing work and were so caring."

The couple are proud parents to Isabel, 4, and Audrey, 2, and are expecting another addition to their family in four weeks.

An Angel Bed, purchased by the White's through their Angel Bed fundraiser, recently arrived at Bendigo Health.

The Angel Bed is the first of its kind for Bendigo and is a cooling system that allows babies who have passed away to remain with their families so that they are not required to be cooled in a traditional mortuary environment.

The cot has been specifically designed to allow bereaved parents to spend an extended amount of time with their baby in order to grieve and say goodbye as a family.

"This really was a thank you directly to the hospital and the midwives but also to help other families who are going through it," Ms White said.

"Looking back on our experience the only thing that we could think of that could be better was the fact that there was nothing like this.

"So it was just the normal cots that they have and the ice packs underneath bubs.

"The staff were always really discreet but we later realised what it would have been like for them."

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