Palmer United trio campaign for change in Bendigo

THREE Palmer United Party candidates, including a former boxing world champion, campaigned for change in Bendigo yesterday. 

The party’s lead Senate candidate for Victoria Barry Michael joined Bendigo candidate Anita Donlon and Murray candidate Catriona Thoolen in Eaglehawk. 

The group handed out pamphlets and talked about polices with shoppers at the front of IGA. 

Ms Donlon, who ran for the Liberal Party in Bendigo West in the 2010 state election, said billionaire Clive Palmer had “common sense” policies. 

“We’ve had go about this on a grassroots level, which has actually worked out really well,” she said. 

“It’s about common sense and it’s about connecting people with people and uniting, which is why we’re called the Palmer United Party.”

Ms Donlon said the party would give pensioners $150 extra a fortnight, provide tax deductions on the first $10,000 paid off mortgages and change the tax system. 

Mr Michael, a former IBF super featherweight boxing champion, said it was unlikely the party would form government despite Mr Palmer’s bid to become the next prime minister. 

“But we are going to win seats,” he said. “There is a possibility of holding the balance of power, then we’ll look forward to the next election. 

“Then the Australian public will realise Clive’s serious and we’re serious and we’re here for the long haul.

“I eventually believe Clive Palmer will be the prime minister of Australia.” Mr Michael said Palmer United was the only party to field candidates in all House of Representative seats. 

Candidate and former AFL star Doug Hawkins was scheduled to visit Bendigo yesterday, but was instead in Geelong. 

According to a pamphlet authorised by Mr Palmer, the party would inject $80 billion into health “so that people can die in dignity” and to improve services, reduce income tax by 15 per cent and cut tax on second jobs by 50 per cent. 

Eaglehawk IGA manager Ross Mitchell, one of several people to talk to the candidates, said the party seemed to be “heading on the right track”.

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