Turntable set for ultimate test

REPRESENTATIVES from mining giant Rio Tinto will be in Bendigo on Tuesday to inspect a 100-tonne capacity turntable being built in Kangaroo Flat.

Australian Turntable Company executive chairman Paul Chapman said a mining truck from Andy’s Earthmoving would be loaded onto the six metre diameter turntable for a load test.

“It’s been designed, developed and built in Kangaroo Flat,” he said. “And this particular job’s for Rio Tinto in Western Australia.

“What we do – during the process of design and build – Rio Tinto will sign off the various stages of the project. So they’ll send their inspectors out to check the various progression of the build.

“We’re at the point now where we have to have a load test.

“We have to put 100 tonne on the turntable, rotate it a number of times for Rio’s inspectors to sign it and say we’ve seen this. 

“This is one step in the project and then we deliver.” 

Mr Chapman said construction of the mining truck turntable started in February.

“This is actually the second one we’ve made for Rio Tinto,” he said.

“And hopefully there will be a bunch more. The benefits are efficiencies,improvements in production, reeducation in fuel consumption of vehicles on the site and occupational health and safety benefits.” 

Shadow Minister for Finance Andrew Robb visited Andy’s Earthmoving yesterday and met with Mr Chapman to inspect the turntable.

“It’s spectacular,” he said. “It’s breath-taking. It just shows you the extraordinary power of innovation.

“They’re doing stuff which is world-leading.

“It just shows if you’ve got properly trained people and you’re innovative then anything’s possible...the sort of example we’ve seen here today inspires me.”

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