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Rashida Jones, New York premiere of Celeste and Jesse Forever, August 2012

In life there are some universal truths - Sex and the City 2 was a very bad film, Ike was the least handsome of the Hanson brothers, pavlova tastes better for breakfast. Another certain and universal truism is that glittery shoes will make you happy - whether you 5 years old or 105. When wearing such shoes the urge to tap dance is never far from reach, and this is, of course, a wonderful thing. Rashida Jones is wearing glittery strappy sandals and I'd eat my hat if she didn't go on to have a good time that night. The other thing about glittery shoes is that they go with just about everything. You don't need to "pare back" your outfit to wear a pair of glinting clods. Jones has paired hers with a bright, graphic printed halter dress and metallic belt that works a dream. You might even say that glitter and prints are an ideal match.

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