Hamilton declares consience is clear as Essendon investigation rolls on 

FORMER Essendon football manager Paul Hamilton says his conscience is clear as the ASADA investigation into the Bombers’ controversial supplements program continues.

Hamilton – the new Central Victorian Football regional general manager – spent the previous four years as Essendon’s football manager, including last season when the substances given to Bombers players are now the subject of an investigation by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

He has been reluctant to speak publicly on the Essendon issue since the investigation was launched in February, but briefly addressed it during an interview with the Bendigo Advertiser on his new role in Bendigo.

“I’ve probably had just about every journalist in Australia approach me, but I’ve been very consistent because there’s an ASADA investigation and ASADA don’t want us talking in the media,” Hamilton said this week.

“So I’ve tried to do the right thing in that regard, and probably to the detriment of myself at times because I can’t defend myself on some things.

“I just want to let the whole thing run its course.

 “There’s plenty of times I’ve wanted to come out and say things, but it’s not about me, it’s about making sure they (ASADA) come up with the right information.

“But what I’ve said consistently is I’ve been very open with the authorities and I have a really clear conscience in my mind.

“That’s where I sit on it at the moment and I’ll let it pan out as it pans out.”

Hamilton also played a straight bat when asked about the Ziggy Switkowski report released this week that referenced a lack of clarity last year in regards to who was in charge of Essendon’s football department, with “fuzzy lines of responsibility” between two key staff in Hamilton and Danny Corcoran.

“I don’t want to comment about the individual parts of the report,” Hamilton said.

“It was an important report for Essendon to have in terms of fixing some of the problems that have fundamentally been there, so that’s about all I can say on that.”

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