Melinda's birthday a leap of faith

IMAGINE not being able to celebrate your birthday on its date. 

This is the case for Bendigo woman Melinda Ellis who was born on February 29, 1992, a leap year. 

This year marks her 21st birthday, but this year is not a leap year so she had to celebrate the momentous occasion yesterday. 

In leap year birthdays she is technically only five and a quarter. 

“Mum always wanted me to be born on a leap year because her dad always forgot her birthday and mum always wanted me to be born on a date that everyone would remember,” Miss Ellis said. 

“No one forgets my birthday now. But it is hard explaining to people when I have to celebrate my birthday.” 

Miss Ellis said every year she celebrated her unique birthday on February 28. 

She admitted that as she got older it was easier for others to understand what it meant to have a leap year birthday. 

“Friends growing up would have debates on whether I should celebrate in February or March or if I should have a mega party that would go across the two days,” she said. 

Miss Ellis said she has had some special birthday celebrations in the past. 

“When I was 16, I was four in leap years so that was a pretty exciting birthday but then turning 18 was a hard one because legally I am not 18 until March 1,” she said. 

Miss Ellis celebrated her birthday with family and friends at a party on the weekend. 

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