Bendigo La Trobe's student volunteers lend a helping hand

More than 140 La Trobe University students will volunteer as O-Week leaders this semester, as part of a mentor program.

La Trobe University student engagement and transition officer Abhishek Awasthi said leaders must have been at the university for at least a year.

He said their role involved showing new students around the campus.

“The leaders accompany students during O-Week and help them get involved in the clubs and societies,” he said.

Mr Awasthi said the leaders acted as mentors for the first six weeks of the semester, maintaining regular contact with new students.

He said O-Week leaders were an important part of a student’s transition to university life.

“They are the backbone for all the day-to-day activities that go on during O-Week,” he said.

Education student Megan DeMoel is an O-Week leader and said her role was beneficial for new students.

“There are things you learn across the time that you don’t learn during first year, so you want to let them know what is available,” she said.

“It is a big experience regardless of whether you are straight out of high school or 20 years out of an education, it can be daunting.”

“To have someone to speak to or to just have a familiar face is enough to help the students.”

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