Golden Square smash collapses carport roof

AN ELDERLY Golden Square resident had a lucky escape after an out-of-control car drove through her front garden, smashed through a tree and slammed into her carport, causing part of her home to collapse. 

Witnesses said they heard a loud bang as the red Ford Falcon hit the structure in Akoonah Drive about 7.30pm last night. 

Next-door neighbour Nicolas Franchina also had a near miss as the carport’s concrete pillar stopped the car from hitting his house. 

“It sounded like two cars colliding and scraping against the pavement,” he said. 

“As soon as I heard it I ran outside the front door and a few other people came over to see if everyone was alright. 

“I did first aid to check if they had any injuries but they both looked all right.

“The driver was shocked and started crying and the passenger got out to help her out of the car.” 

Karen Lucas said her mother, 70-year-old Joy Borserio, had lived in the house since 1979 and was “badly shaken”. 

“Where mum was placed in the house, it was always a worry someone would do this,” she said. “It’s a bit of a shock. 

“It’s definitely a lucky escape for the driver and passenger; it could have been tragic. 

“Everyone’s very lucky to have escaped without injury.”

About 10 SES workers attended the scene, with concerns the home could collapse if the car was removed. 

Ms Lucas said the home was insured. She said she thought the driver might have panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake, but couldn’t be certain. 

There were no tyre marks left on the road, front garden or driveway and Mr Franchina said he hadn’t heard the car before  the crash. 

Senior Constable Scott Andrews said the 27-year-old L-plater was driving for the third time and was under instruction from her husband.

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