Thinking inside the box

ARTISTS Bruce Mowson and Elliot Howard said they’ve been glad to watch people pushing and prodding their artworks.

The collection of boxes making up the ‘The Listening vs Striles of Ming’ at Bendigo’s La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre was officially unveiled on Saturday.

At the exhibition launch Mr Mowson said he was thrilled to see kids running in and out of the boxes and pushing them around.

He said he wanted people to make their own experiences.

“I think when we think of art, it’s something children do all day long when they’re five, then they do a little bit at school and completely stop when they’re 20,” he said.

 “I hope people can get involved in the idea, and in this exhibition. Whatever people’s experience is, no-one’s is invalid.”

Visual Arts Centre managing curator Paul Northam said the exhibition encouraged people to engage with the works in a different way.

The works will be on show until March 24.

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