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Gallery: Bendigo's inaugural Scots Day Out

A GOOD dose of haggis will put hair on your chest, according to former Scotland resident Trevor Jewell. 

Speaking with a thick accent near the haggis and black pudding stand at the Scots Day Out, Mr Jewell said the local version of the Scottish dish was as good as the version served in his home country. 

“But the black pudding is a bit softer ... I think it’s more suited to the missus,” he joked. 

Tom Thompson, who migrated from north England to Bendigo and has Scottish grandparents, said haggis had been a regular dish in his household when he was growing up. 

“It’s very nice ... I think I’ll buy some,” he said. 

“We used to eat it for breakfast, fried up with eggs.” 

The meat was created by Pacdon Park in Moama with people crowding around the store to sample the Scottish fare. 

Chef Pete Tonge said it wasn’t only people with Scottish links that had enjoyed the uncommon delicacies. 

“I’ve brought down about 100 haggises and I expect to sell out,” he said. 

“The haggis has been very popular. 

“People have really liked it.” 

Mr Tonge makes the haggis from lamb heart, liver and lungs, known as pluck, and flank, which comes from the abdominal muscles.

The dish can be fried, baked, steamed or microwaved before serving.

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