Alarm lets Lorrie rest easy

LORRIE Tuddenham can now feel safe in his home of 85 years after he received a mobile phone with a panic alarm function yesterday.

The Goornong resident had issues installing a personal alarm service system in his house because he did not have an outgoing landline phone.

But Telstra area manager Steve Tinker made a special visit to Goornong to ensure Mr Tuddenham was satisfied with his new mobile phone, which has an alarm button on the back.

When pressed, the button sounds a loud alarm, calls the local post office and text messages his daughter and grandson. 

Mr Tuddenham said having the alarm gave him peace of mind, especially as he was living alone at 85 years old.

“It works anywhere, even when I’m right down the back paddock,” he said. 

“I’m pleased it has been resolved. 

“I just hope I never have to use it.”

Telstra regional manager Steve Tinker said the mobile phone alarm system would suit Mr Tuddenham’s circumstances more than the personal alarm service offered by Mount Eliza Personal Call Assistance Service.

“We went through a few options with Lorrie and the family and this is one everyone is happy with,” he said.

“I’m just glad it’s all sorted out and Lorrie feels safe.

“It’s also great for other people to see this is an option that can work.”

Mr Tuddenham’s only challenge now is to keep the mobile phone charged.

“A charger is set up next to my bed. At least I can see the buttons easily,” he said. 

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