Call to check pool fences

BENDIGO council officers are finding two non-compliant swimming pools on average each week. 

Inflatable pools have been the worst offenders. 

Council figures show there have been between 25 and 30 pools found in breach of fencing regulations this summer. 

Council manager building and property services Andy Walker said any pool deeper than 30cm, including inflatable pools, had to be fenced. 

“The last thing we want to see is an unfortunate drowning,” he said. 

“If pools have the ability to hold more than 300mm of water they need a fence that complies with the building code. That’s where a lot of people do get caught out. 

“It concerns us and that’s why we’ve tried to educate people and get some information on the internet with fact sheets.”

Mr Walker said the council aimed to work with people rather than punish them. 

He said fines had not been handed out for any of the safety breaches. 

“If you’ve got a pool that doesn’t comply, you don’t need to hide,” he said. “You can get it to comply quite easily. 

“Our staff will talk with the owner and tell them what to do.” 

Mr Walker said most people fixed the issues soon after they were alerted by council inspectors. 

“The rules have been the same for a number of years; for a number of years it’s been 300mm,” he said. 

“If people have an inflatable pool they can often empty it straight away and make it compliant. It can be as simple as that.” 

Mr Walker said neighbours often alerted the council to fencing breaches. 

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