Bluenet prototype patrol cars the ‘future’

BENDIGO Police got a glimpse into the future on Saturday when the new Police Bluenet prototype vehicle drove into town. 

The prototype can detect unregistered vehicles and unlicensed drivers while on the move, and will help police with their fight to improve road safety. 

The prototype has cameras on the outside of the vehicle that can scan number plates and alert police to drivers who have any outstanding warrants or unpaid fines. 

Bendigo Acting Sergeant Peter Dyer said the vehicle was also set up with an in-car video system and an automated number-plate recognition system. 

He said the highway patrol car was officially unveiled earlier this month and Saturday’s visit to Bendigo was its first. 

“We have to get smarter at doing our job and this is the smarter option,” Sergeant Dyer said. “We could be driving along and in an hour we might pull over three, four or five cars. This vehicle gives us the ability to check hundreds. 

“It can check a car a second and hundreds of vehicles per hour, it gives us the opportunity to pull over vehicles that we may be more interested in because they have been flagged as being unlicensed or unregistered. 

“It is fantastic technology.” 

Sergeant Dyer said what was different between this car and the current highway patrol car was its ability to be used while on the move. 

He said the Bluenet vehicle was one of five in the state, with Bendigo Police hoping to become part of the initial trial. 

“It is one of five that is going to be rolled out across the state and we are hoping to be a part of the trial,” Sergeant Dyer said. 

“Everything is funding-based but this is the future for highway patrol.”

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