Precious time for Fittock clan

THE saying there is no place like home rings true for the Fittock family. 

Scott Fittock, his wife and three young children moved to Singapore three years ago but have always come back to Bendigo for Christmas. 

Mr Fittock said he moved to Singapore for work. 

“Me and my wife are both IT consultants and moved to Singapore for work,” he said. 

“It is a very different lifestyle over there compared to Bendigo.

“Singapore is a much bigger place, the weather is always the same and the lifestyle is fast-paced. 

“Bendigo, on the other hand, is a lot more relaxing and easier to get around.”

Mr Fittock said he was looking forward to spending his short holiday in Bendigo. 

“We have a big family Christmas with the turkey and the pudding,” he said. “The adults take turns at being Santa and hand out the presents to the kids.

“Then on Boxing Day we meet up with all the cousins.”

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