Boy unwittingly starts Maiden Gully blaze

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy got “a very big shock” when he started a grass fire while playing with matches at his Maiden Gully home yesterday.

The blaze spread quickly through dry and tall grass in the backyard of the home and into a neighbouring yard.

Bendigo police’s Constable Dave Becker said the damage was minimal, considering the speed at which the fire spread. “He was playing with matches and got a very big shock,” Constable Becker said.

“But there was no damage. That’s the main thing.” 

Bendigo CFA senior station officer Dale Stemmer said four units from Maiden Gully and Bendigo got the fire under control.

Constable Becker said the fire spread quickly because the grass was about 30 centimetres tall.

“It was contained very quickly but with all the dry grass, at least a foot in length, it is obviously of some concern.”

Constable Becker recommended that homeowners keep their grass mown to minimise the risk of fire. 

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