Dozens of reasons to celebrate in Bendigo today

THE special sequence of 12s makes Austin Boyd’s birthday today a unique one – turning 12 on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012.

Such a combination won’t occur again for another 100 years and according to the Camp Hill Primary School grade 6 student, it is going to be a special day.

“My friends and family think it is pretty cool,” he said. “Not many people have this birthday. I am not superstitious, but I think it is lucky.” 

Austin will celebrate his birthday with his family tonight and on Saturday he is throwing a party for his school friends.

For the Boyd family, the canny emergence of the number 12 does not end with Austin.

“I was born right on midday,” said Austin’s mum, Kerri Boyd. “So 12 is obviously a lucky number for our family.” Also celebrating a birthday today is Julie Stratford, who is turning 50. The Strategem Financial Group executive service officer said she didn’t understand the fuss surrounding the date, despite her family and friends telling her otherwise.

“Everyone keeps telling me that it is really special day but for me it is just another birthday,” she said.

Ms Stratford will celebrate her birthday with her family at a dinner tonight, but said she wasn’t expecting too many presents.

“For my birthday I just wish to spend time with my family and friends and to continue to wake up happy and healthy – that’s all I need,” she said. 

Also celebrating his birthday today is Tadhg Ralph, who will be turning six. 

The Girton Grammar prep student said he was looking forward to enjoying the evening with his family. 

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