Bendigo asked to help restore St Paul's Cathedral 

ST PAUL’S Cathedral is relying on the generosity of the Bendigo community to help restore it to its former glory.

The building has been disused for four years, and renovation work that began earlier this year is only one-third complete.

A further $2 million is needed to complete the restoration and the public is being asked to pitch in.

Anglican Bishop of Bendigo Andrew Curnow said he was hopeful the money could be raised soon.

“We’re about a third of the way along already,” he said. 

“So far the money that’s been raised, has been from the church and a $750,000 grant from the government.

“We’re hopeful people can support the rest of the building work.”

The cathedral’s appeal committee is set to launch its public appeal tonight.

Bishop Curnow said the 145-year-old building was of significant historic importance to Bendigo.

“We want to restore it to its former glory but also make it a modern building. We’ve got to find that balance, bringing a 19th century building into the 21st century.”

The building is already on the state heritage register and deemed of national significance by the national trust.

Bishop Curnow said the heritage restrictions made it difficult to work on but he said the architects’ designs could be carried out within a year if the funds were raised.

Plans for the new building would involve the space being used for more musical performances and events. 

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