Bees think new home is the pits

BEE-KEEPERS answered the call to rescue a swarm of bees that had taken refuge in a Telstra communications pit on a busy road in Bendigo.

The group of bees had started to build a hive within the small pit on Williamson Street when they were discovered by a technician last week.

Apiarists Robert Sagal and Kathy Postle arrived to collect the bees and transport them to a bigger hive in Wedderburn.

Mr Sagal said they were able to keep the honeycomb intact and transport the entire swarm.

“We just got a call they had started living in there,” he said.

“The swarm had come out of a nearby tree. Usually they find somewhere like a similar tree. It’s unusual that they would end up in a pit.”

Mr Sagal said the swarm had most likely sent out a scout bee to find the location.

“They send out scouts to look at hollow trees or shrubs. Then they report back to the Queen bee to decide where to try and find a permanent home.”

Mr Sagal said he was glad the technician was able to find them when he did and said if anyone finds a swarm in an unusual area they should contact their local bee-keepers.

He said the bees were now producing honey in Wedderburn.

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