Local artist Amber Sansom celebrates life and love in new exhibit 

PEOPLE have only two more days to see local artist Amber Sansom’s first solo retrospective exhibition.

Aspects of Sansom’s life and acute observation of human nature has been captured on canvas, with every brushstroke or mark a celebration of love and life.

Each of her figurative artworks – whether portrait, still life or nude – bears a personal metaphor freely handed down by the artist, employing a variety of works and materials from the early 1990s to the present day.

“I like the challenge of capturing the qualities of a person in the image,” she said.

As a busy mother-of-three, inspiration is never far from home.

But with 18 years as an art educator tucked up her sleeve, Sansom knows full well that art-making is a fluid process. 

“Finishing a piece is often the hardest job of all,” she said. 

“Brushstrokes that you have not intended to stand out become more prominent, and marks you’ve intended to be a focus point are lost against the colour or tonal value of other marks.

“Other paintings and drawings just happen naturally and beautifully.

“Sometimes you have to let the canvas tell you what you want to see in the final image.”

Sansom said the artistic setting in which she came of age, was one she wanted to emulate for her own children.

“We were always creating and making art,” she said. “It’s the same at my place now – it seems so natural.”

Going Solo is free and open daily until Wednesday from 9.30am to 5pm at Dudley House, View Street, Bendigo. 

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