About the Addy Team

General Manager – Publishing & Sales - Margot Falconer

Margot was born in Bendigo and began her working life in media at Southern Cross Television in the 70’s. She then spent almost 15 years away from Bendigo working in media related industries in London and Melbourne before returning to the Bendigo Advertiser in 1999 to take up the role of Advertising Manager. She was appointed General Manager in 2009. Margot loves the positive role the newspaper plays in the community and the ability the paper has to work with various groups for the betterment of this region. When not at work, Margot is vice-Chair of the Bendigo Jockey Club, a member of Womenise, a division of the Bendigo Business Council and sits on several committees associated with the work the Addy does in the community.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4401

Director Media Sales - Sue Opie

Sue joined The Bendigo Advertiser sales team in 2002 as an advertising representative and it didn’t take long for her to discover that she was passionate about the opportunities that print media offered to her clients. In 2005 Sue’s enthusiasm for the industry was rewarded and she was named Rural Press Salesperson of the Year. Since then she has continued to work her way through the ranks to be appointed as Sales Manager in 2010 and Media Sales Director in 2012. At a time when The Bendigo Advertiser is transforming to offer clients and readers a range of news media like never before Sue continues to be excited about the industry and its future. Who wouldn’t be?

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4469 / 0415 990 981

Business Development Manager - Rodney Lakey

I have been employed by the Bendigo Advertiser for over 6 years in the role of advertising account manager. This role has evolved over the last couple of years to become that of a Media Sales adviser with a high emphasis on digital marketing for business and organisations.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4452

Media Sales Representative - Helen Eriksson

Helen loves the people side of sales, and everything that flows from this. She has taken the excellent McDonald’s training she received while working there at the age of 15 whilst in School, and used it as a sound base to catapult her sales career. As new technologies emerge, Helen has assisted her clients in the best way to utilise it in driving their business. Whether in telecommunications, print, online media and digital – Helens passion is sales and her client relationships With three boys, teens and tweens, Helen and husband Paul are kept on the go. She also enjoys the gym and boxing and feeling healthy.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4486 / 0427 001 878

Media Sales Representative - Beau Cattell

Beau did a traineeship in Classifieds and over the last 4 years has worked his way up to being a Media Sales Representative. He loves cars and music and is always happy to talk about how to make your business stand out.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4458

Media Sales Representative - David Jeffrey

David joined the Bendigo Advertiser in 2004. Bendigo born, he has a real passion for the community and helping businesses grow in the region. David has a broad knowledge of advertising both in press and digital platforms.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4464

Media Sales Representative - Andrew Miller

Bendigo born. Andrew has been living back in Bendigo since the age of 15, before that he lived in Noosa for 12 years. He completed a bachelor degree of Marketing at La Trobe university. Andrew has been part of the Advertiser team since September 2013, since leaving Cadbury where he was for 3 years. One of his major passions in life is sport of any kind. He is always willing to go that extra mile for his clients.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4457 / 0404 129 084

Business Development Manager - Digital - Chantella Ferera

Chantella Joined the Digital team in November last year , bringing with her various skills learnt whilst working for a digital agency in Melbourne. She now oversees the digital advertising area , spending time helping our clients with a digital advertising strategies and devising specific campaigns to help achieve their business objectives. Chantella is also part of the Fairfax Marketing Services team and is currently delivering this service to the Bendigo region. She is helping clients in the Bendigo region develop their overall digital strategy from delivering brand new websites and helping optimise them with SEO, SEM, EDM's, Social Media Strategies and various other services. Outside of the workplace, she is a member of the Bendigo Spirit Women's National Basketball Program and was a part of the inaugural Championship team in 2012-2013.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4422

Domain Media Sales - Joanne Kilbourne

Joanne recently relocated back to Bendigo, after spending nearly a decade in Melbourne. Since joining the Bendigo Advertiser team in April 2013, Joanne has taken on the role of Domain Media Sales. Joanne has a background in print and online media and brings with her a passion for multi-platform advertising and is looking to forward to working with real estate agents to enhance and grow their business. Outside of the Addy, Joanne is passionate about animal rights and welfare. She enjoys experimenting with vegan cooking and spending time with her family and riding horses.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4468 / 0428 500 007

Digital Assistant - Danielle Cuskelly

Danielle joined the Advertiser team in February of 2014. She had previously spent the last few years studying information technology and marketing at Latrobe University’s Bendigo Campus. During her time at University, Danielle regularly volunteered for the Bendigo Student Association. Her passions outside of her work are rock climbing at YRock, hiking, reading and crocheting another scarf.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4447

Media Sales Representative Special Publications - Lyn Bell

Lyn was in the Real Estate industry for 11 years as a Salesperson and then moved to the Bendigo Advertiser where she works as a consultant in the Special Publications department working on Enterprise Business magazine, Co-op Special Publications and other annual publications. She's a fan of the Hawthorn Football Club, scuba diving, pony club, designing jewellery, likes socialising with workmates, family and friends.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4466

Media Sales Representative Special Publications - Melanie May

Mel started working for the Bendigo Advertiser in 2003 in the classifieds department through to 2007 when she left to run her own business, Family VideoLand in White Hills. She briefly moved to Lakes Entrance and worked for the Bairnsdale Advertiser working on Special Publications and Features. In 2013 she moved back to her home town of Bendigo and was fortunate enough to return working at the Bendigo Advertiser in Special Publications Mel mainly works on Out & About as well as other tourist based publications throughout the year, she is passionate about promoting the Bendigo area and what Bendigo businesses have to offer.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4428

Media Sales Representative - Julie Pink

I am a Bendigo girl, joined the Bendigo Advertiser in January 2010. I love working with a great bunch of ladies in the Features Department. I love coming to work and making people laugh. I am a social butterfly so you will see me fluttering around the office visiting everybody catching up on all the gossip. I could not see myself working anywhere else I love the Advertiser and everybody in it! My biggest enjoyment outside of work is my 2 beautiful girls and my most amazing and very handsome 2 year old grandson! He is the apple of nanny’s eye and I don’t think I could go a day without seeing his beautiful face.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4455

Media Sales Representative - Gayle Joyberry

Have enjoyed over 8 fabulous years informing, educating and entertaining our readers by working in Features. This would have to be the best place to be! Just love it! Moved back to Bendigo from having worked in footwear retail for many years, among other things, and am currently living in Junortoun, sharing my space with many birds, unbelievable trees and foliage, not to mention bunnys and 'roos (it's paradise). I am very blessed to be living with my extended family, including the quodrupeds, ie; cats, dog and chickens. Love reading, travelling anywhere, discovering delicious places to dine, singing in our beautiful Sacred Heart Cathedral and celebrating life with all those around me.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4430

Advertising Features sales consultant - Jeanette Jealous (nee Maslunka)

Born in Tongala and moved to Bendigo in 1967. Commenced work at the Bendigo Advertiser in March 2011. Previously worked in the retail industry for 20 years before trying my hand at market research, telemarketing and business administration. Studied for a degree in Primary Teaching at La Trobe University, Bendigo, but decided that it wasn't for me. Initially started at the Bendigo Advertiser in the Classifieds department which I loved because it gave me the opportunity to liaise with the public in person and on the phone. Have been a member of the Feature's team since February this year and I find that I enjoy the work more and more surrounded by a very supportive team of ladies. At home I have two beautiful children that are growing up to be amazing young adults. I'm a massive fan of all things 'science fiction' i.e. Star Trek, Doctor Who. For leisure I enjoy reading, watching movies, going to plays, and handcrafts.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4454

Administration for Advertising Features department - Jenny Slattery

Born in Bendigo. Commenced at Bendigo Advertiser January 2005. Always appreciating this whole Bendigo Advertiser team in their communication, problem solving and willingness to support in helping each other if a situation arises that creates a difficulty, even if it does not necessarily directly effect them. I thoroughly enjoy my role in administration and acknowledge that the major part of my role relies on my team to trust me, to enable them to involve themselves in other aspects of their roles. Always striving for our department to run smoothly. My 3 biggest enjoyments in life are, the energy and fun my nieces and nephews bring into my life. Their ages ranging from 5 years to 37 years. Having time to pick up a book and live in it for a whole weekend. And cooking and sharing food with friends.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4456

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